3 appointments
during the first month
5-6 appointments
every month

Account-based marketing campaigns by ClickRoads generate 6 appointments monthly for an EduTech company

United States
Company size:
11-50 employees

About Codio

Codio, a cloud learning platform, offers modern efficient solutions for computer science education. Their customizable courseware and auto-graded assessments result in 15% higher learner performance and reduce administrative tasks by 30%. Codio provides effective and accessible tools for educators and professionals and ensures empowering learning experiences.

Client’s Challenges

  • 01 /

    Narrow TAM

  • 02 /

    Years of email outreach campaigns exhausted the lead capacity

  • 03 /

    Employees of certain universities hadn’t heard about the Codio platform before and had concerns about starting to use it

Main Request

Codio was looking for new effective ways to set appointments with target accounts and close more deals.

Offered Solution

Increasing brand awareness and lowering CAC using an account-based omnichannel approach.

ABM Strategy and Key Steps

01 / Analyzing current ICP and choosing a target segment

Instructors in Higher Education Codio’s product pertains only to programming-related courses. The titles therefore are relevant only to members of the Computer Science Departments or the Information Technology Departments.

Geo: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

02 / Determining key buying roles and preparing a contact list

Titles include Department Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor.

03 / Targeted Ads campaigns

Before reaching leads via email, we set up a brand awareness targeting campaign on LinkedIn with visuals and messaging matching their customers' pain points.

Types of creatives: Single images, Carousel, Video Ads

04 / Targeted email outreach

We reached accounts from the previously prepared contact list using email sequences with 5-6 waves. Emails for each segment contained personalized messaging.

  • These campaigns helped us to warm up the target audience before they received their first emails.

  • All ads were forwarding the prospect to the landing page, which was designed according to core pain points and contained tailored value propositions.

05 / Retargeting campaigns

Some prospects visited our first landing page but didn’t engage with it. Using a GDN with a set of prepared key visuals and ad messages, we could retarget those prospects to another landing page, which was crafted to help them make a positive final decision.

ABM Campaigns Optimization

From month to month, we have been analyzing key metrics and developing the next steps to optimize campaigns and improve results

What was tested and optimized
email icon

Several types of email sequences were updated

ppc icon

New leads were added after extra research

creatives icon

Poorly performing types of creatives were stopped


New visuals and key messages were added to campaigns

cideo ads icon

New types of creatives were added as Video Ads

abm icon

A new audience was added to LinkedIn campaigns

landing page icon

The landing page was updated (restructuring and redesign)


By launching campaigns at the end of September 2023, we gained the first appointments with target accounts in the next month—October 2023.

Before the end of October, we’ve scheduled 3 more appointments.

To date, we make 5-6 appointments monthly.

ABM Project Team:

Account Manager
ABM manager
Project Manager
PPC manager
Analytics manager
Email delivery specialist
Sales development representative
Content manager (outreach)
Content manager (marketing)
Graphic designer
Web designer

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