1 month
for development and launch
Increase in email conversion

How ClickRoads developed branding materials that helped a health and wellness company increase conversion by 18%

Health & Wellness
United States
Company size:
51-200 employees

About YorkTest

Leveraging 40+ years of scientific experience in the UK, YorkTest provides in-depth food intolerance testing that analyzes all IgG subtypes for personalized dietary insights. This expertise, backed by research and nutritional consultations, helps individuals confidently navigate food sensitivities.

Client’s Challenges

  • 01 /

    The main website was designed mostly for B2C sales. The new landing page had to use a B2B targeted approach to attract relevant titles on the US market.

  • 02 /

    The old presentation was created in MS PowerPoint with limited features. The new design had to use new brand styles and graphic patterns.

Main Request

Sales materials for a new segment—US corporate program for food sensitivity testing.

Offered Solution

  • Creating a new landing page targeting ICP to be used in outreach campaigns.

  • Redesigning current product presentation for higher impact.

Branding Flow and Key Steps

01 / ICP Analysis

HRs & Employee Benefits titles It's observed that organizations lacking a dedicated health and well-being strategy may incur additional costs of around $2,500 per employee annually.

Titles include Benefits Advisor, VP of Total Rewards, VP of HR, Director of HR, HR Manager, VP of Employee Benefits.

Geo: United States

02 / Preparing Landing Page content based on ICP’s challenges and pain points

03 / Preparing design of the Landing Page

(desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile adaptive versions included)

04 / Developing a new Landing Page and setting up analytics and event tracking

05 / Providing Product Presentation redesign using client’s brand guidelines and patterns

06 / Providing monthly maintenance on the Landing Page: optimizing content and layout, adding specific events to track, etc.

yorktest beforeyorktest brfore
yorktest beforeyorktest after
yorktest beforeyorktest after
yorktest beforeyorktest after
yorktest beforeyorktest after


The Landing Page turnkey development process (analyzing ICP, preparing content and design, and publishing it on a domain with all client approvals took less than 1 month to execute.

The new Landing Page helped to increase appointment conversion for the email outreach campaign by 18%.

The new deck design is now up-to-date with clients’ brand guidelines and provides a trustworthy experience for their prospects.

Branding Project Team:

Account Manager
Project Manager
Content manager
Graphic designer
Web designer
Analytics manager

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