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How Paid Ads campaigns’ optimization helped a brand agency increase CTR and get 20 conversions monthly

Born & Bred
Marketing & Advertising
United States
Company size:
11-50 employees

About Born & Bred

Born & Bred is a brand and design agency in San Francisco, California that specializes in brand strategy, brand identity, and brand execution. They help clients at any stage, be it creating brands from scratch or keeping them growing.

Client’s Challenges

  • 01 /

    While working with the previous agency, Born & Bred got no MQLs.

Main Request

Increase brand awareness and drive new leads.

Offered Solution

Using Paid Ads turnkey solution, including full-depth ads accounts analysis and ads optimization to get maximum efficiency converting ICPs.

Paid Ads Strategy
and Key Steps

01 / Analysis of current campaigns:

audit and optimization plan

02 / Current ICP analysis:

US startups and SMBs who need to develop brand identity or rebranding

03 / Setting up analytics and events traction

04 / Providing keyword research

05 / Optimizing Google Ads accounts according to our audit for the current campaign set

06 / Fixing and improving key messages for Google Ads

07 /Remapping current ads campaign

08 / New landing page layout/deployment

(web + mobile)

Paid Ads Campaigns Optimization

After optimizing the current ads account, we got rid of irrelevant leads. Then, we focused on ad groups and keywords with higher lead capture potential

What was tested and optimized

Adaptive ads

target icon

Geo-targeting options for audience presence


Setting up an automatic bidding strategy

cideo ads icon

Adding new Ads asset types

creatives icon

Analyzing and adding negative keywords list

ad scheduling icon

Setting up Ad scheduling


Tuning events in Google Analytics


We set up proper analytics traction, tested different types of key messages, and managed to gain stable new MQLs. Also, the market share for the target audience in different business segments has increased.


By starting ads campaign optimization and maintenance in the mid of August 2023, we were preparing for the season spike for branding services.

Within the first month of optimizing and maintaining clients’ paid campaigns, we’ve got outstanding results in key metrics:

  • An average 6.3% click-through rate in top competing months

  • ~5% conversion rate for all campaign groups

To date, we provide min 15-20 conversions monthly.


94.4% (↑11%) optimization score

Due to the optimized bid strategy and ad account performance, the overall optimization score increased to 94.4% (based on Google Ads data).

PPC Project Team:

Account Manager
Project Manager
PPC manager
Analytics manager
Content manager
Graphic designer
Web designer

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